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By chance, 3 elite musicians from Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Michigan found their way to SC and have now teamed up with the best that state has to offer to give you Evolusion! This show takes you back to the era of Arena Rock and gives you two blockbuster bands on the same ticket! The performance is 100% live with no pre-recorded tracks, no pitch correction and no other modern-day fakery. Jimmy Stroud delivers the studio quality lead vocals of Steve Perry, Tommy Shaw, Dennis DeYoung and James Young. Matt Nations duplicates the blistering, tasteful and sometimes melodic guitar licks of Neal Schon, Tommy Shaw and James Young. Matt Jones provides backing vocals, rhythm guitars and the keyboard mastery of Jonathan Cain and Dennis DeYoung. Edgar Bonet adds the lead vocals of Greg Rolie, backing vocals, and precision bass lines from Ross Valory, Chuck Panozzo and Randy Jackson. And last but definitely not least, Tim Blackwell anchors the show with second to none percussion from Steve Smith and John Panozzo.

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